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⁣Clay Clark - The Great ReAwakening Vs The Great Reset

555 Views - Published on 23 Feb, 2023
Give us a Woo! Clay Clark returns to Hearts of Oak to talk on the topic of the latest ReAwaken America Tour event. "The Great ReAwakening vs The Great Reset". On one side we have powerful international organisations that are seeking to control every area of our lives. Digital ID's. Central Bank Digital Currencies. Vaccine passports. Control of countries health responses to any crisis. The list goes on. On the other side people like Clay through the tour are opening peoples eyes to this new evil and helping them rediscover a passion for freedom and nationalism, truth and faith. Clay Clark is a father of five kids, the organizer, emcee and host of the General Flynn ReAwaken America Tour, the former “U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Oklahoma, a member of the Forbes Business Coach Council, an Amazon best-selling author, the founder of several multi-million dollar companies and the host of the Thrivetime Show podcast which has been number one overall on the iTunes business podcast charts 6 times! The 'ReAwaken America Tour' and 'Time To Free America' aims to expose “The COVID-19 / Great Reset” agenda being pushed by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, China, and other elite globalists that hate God and America. The ReAwaken America Tour exists to expose the election fraud, medical fraud, religious fraud, monetary fraud and mainstream media fraud that has been used to push the “COVID-19 Great Reset Agenda.” Their call to action is to get people back to God because they believe that true repentance and salvation is needed to save America. Find Clay at..... Twitter: Truth: Website: Podcast: Links mentioned during interview... Interview recorded 21.2.23 Audio Podcast version available on Podbean and all major podcast directories... ⁣ To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video, livestreaming platforms and more... Please subscribe, like and share!
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