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⁣🌅⁣Psychoanalyst Dr. Bruce Scott: Why I reported white racism in a Scottish University Covid Inquiry ⁣🌅Penny Ellis, Former Big Brother contestant on real life, 20 years after her headline-making appearance on the show ⁣https://www.morganlawrence.co.uk/product/meet-me-at-the-mirror-penny-ellis/ ⁣🌅Whistleblower and former senior civil servant Terry Edge: The toxic scandal in our homes that links to the Grenfell Tower tragedy ⁣http://www.toxicsofa.com ⁣🌅Pathologist Dr. Clare Craig talking about her new book out today, Expired. And where are we with waking the world up to the Covid narrative lies? ⁣🌅Impressionist Tony Lapidus and his many voices. Or is it Trump? Or Biden? Tarentino? Who? ⁣https://www.instagram.com/tony_lapidus/ ⁣🌅Activist and comedian Abi Roberts was arrested outside of the Covid Inquiry for swearing. She’s joined us to share what happened and with no F's given! UNCENSORED Here's Abi's Arrest Podcast: https://abiroberts.substack.com/p/17-hours?utm_source=podcast-email,substack&publication_id=849936&post_id=131718914&utm_medium=email#details
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 hootyowl Avatar
hootyowl - 2 months ago
Can't get chat up. Never mind - with you all in spirit - first time for ages I've been live - love from Thailand

 Gummy10 Avatar
Gummy10 - 2 months ago
Outstanding show today

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 2 months ago
Hi Sonia and Sean! Another great show! About Aspartame: I avoid it anyway I can. It is a neurotoxin (nerve poison) invented by the military industrial complex and approved by Rumsfeld to the food industry as "safe". A friend of mine suffers from fybomyalgia, and when she stopped using diet products with aspartame, her health improved dramatically. The fact that aspartame is legal is very telling. As Sean says: "Profits!"

 humphrey Avatar
humphrey - 2 months ago
another great show today Sonia and Sean

 duncan smith Avatar
duncan smith - 2 months ago
THE REAL DEAL In the Veda , the supreme personality of Godhead Has given us all the answers to all the words problems and a method for that . When the consciousness is developed it is able to know God and not have belief and speculation in God . This is not a religious belief in meat eating and material life . This is the real deal spiritual life . When 1% are prepared to serve God and develop Krishna consciousness , there and then the world will change , to fulfil that desire for happiness and to serve God , because God fulfils desires . This is the real deal . Chant Hare Krishna and be happy . The Modern day saint , Srila Prabhupada , lectured , the face of the earth will change become a kingdom of God , Unrecognisable bliss . Please copy , paste , share and read the small book , Chant And Be Happy .

 Ang_25 Avatar
Ang_25 - 2 months ago
Hi Sonia & Sean, have you guys seen Watch the Water & WTW Part 2? Dr Bryan Hardis and Stew Peters - the hypothesis that the COVID-19 virus is based on snake venom (not a virus). Very good watch! Highly recommend. Love listening to you guys. Sonia you were a shining light in the darkness for me from before COVID! Keep up the good work xx

 thinkoutsidethebox Avatar
thinkoutsidethebox - 2 months ago
I only buy organic fruit and that goes off and as regards to plastic containers have to be pba free

 thinkoutsidethebox Avatar
thinkoutsidethebox - 2 months ago
Great respect to Abbie Roberts I agree with that these people need to be held to account for democide, the Government Big Pharma Bill Gates Anthony Fauci the Lamestream Media are guilty of crimes against humanity