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Case No. 2001-14300, "What Have You Done, Alberta"

472 Views - Published on 26 Apr, 2022
⁣The Justice Centre has an ongoing court challenge to end the violation of Albertan's Charter Freedoms, against the Alberta Government, in regards to Orders made by the Chief Medical Officer of Health and select unconstitutional sections of the Public Health Act, to end the violation of Albertans’ Charter freedoms.
The Justice Centre’s filed lawsuit states that the Alberta government has violated the right to peaceful assembly, the right to travel, the right to conduct a business to earn a living, the right to visit family and friends, including having visitors in one’s own private residence, and the right to worship.
The Justice Centre has been inundated with thousands of emails from people who are being financially ruined by lockdowns, suffering mental health issues, losing their businesses, unable to see their elderly parents, and being denied critical health care with conditions besides Covid.


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