RISE WITH BNT 128 Bridgen | Biden | Ukraine | Jamie Lee Curtis | Addiction

31 K Views - Published on 13 Jan, 2023
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⁣Andrew Bridgen's suspension ▶Biden's dodgy documents ▶Ambulance strike ▶Stop aid to Ukraine ▶Dark side of Jamie Lee Curtis ▶Protest to positive action ▶Spotting addiction ⁣UKRAINE PETITION: https://bit.ly/petitionforpeace
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Peter64 Avatar
Peter64 - 8 months ago
Morning Sonia and fellow Risers

 shin Avatar
shin - 8 months ago

 hootyowl Avatar
hootyowl - 8 months ago
Unfortunately couldn't log in under usual name,,,, so hootyowl is the old fancycarp. Take care out there all.

 Gummy10 Avatar
Gummy10 - 8 months ago
Morning all

 shin Avatar
shin - 8 months ago
well said ben! do the job or leave! harsh as it may sound!

 Trudi1Luv Avatar
Trudi1Luv - 8 months ago
Great show. Had a right palava trying to log in x

 luggerbugz Avatar
luggerbugz - 8 months ago
It was rumoured that JLC was born a hermaphrodite.

 shin Avatar
shin - 8 months ago
thank you! sonia x

 hexege Avatar
hexege - 8 months ago
Please run Sonia!

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 8 months ago
Yay, the avatars are back! Now we just need that Live Chat. Great show as always, Sonia :) I took a look at Jamie Lee Curtis' Wiki page, and in the intro it says, "Curtis is a baroness, though she does not use this title." So another "Elite", in other words.

 Pumpkin Avatar
Pumpkin - 8 months ago
Sonia, always enjoy your show. If you can please do an interview with David Bellamy on this carbon hoax, he was cancelled for speaking out, I think your show would be the ideal platform for an interview. Much love