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A Brand New Start...hopefully

134 Views - Published on 10 Jun, 2020
⁣I am fed up with the way Youtube allows abuse and multiple accounts that are used to troll. I have repeatedly reported fake accounts and abuse over four years and very little is done and certainly hardly any communication in reply.

I hope this platform will be a new start and also stop the worry about whether my video will break some unwritten policy, for example talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, which took months for them to allow.

I vlog travel and political, socio-economic issues mainly for disabled people but my 2 youtube channels have a combined worth 3,500 subscribers!

4 Years on and the travel channel is still sub-1900, while contemporary peers starting after me have excelled beyond 20k or 30k. This is mostly due to the thailand genre and type of viewer.
Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut

Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut

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