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⁣Anna McGovern - Being a Brit Down Under and Launch of The AW.Today

3 K Views - Published on 02 May, 2024
Anna McGovern joins Hearts of Oak to share her experiences in Australia, discussing her interest in the country, working with Sky News Australia, and the differences in media freedom compared to the UK. She delves into the culture wars in Australia, touching on topics like the Israel-Palestine conflict and challenges faced by individuals with differing viewpoints. Anna also talks about pro-life advocacy, gender ideology, and social conservatism, emphasizing the role of platforms like AW.Today in promoting diverse perspectives and truthful reporting. She discusses the importance of teamwork and research in accurate news delivery, as well as the challenges of going against the mainstream narrative. Anna highlights the expansion of AussieWire's coverage to the UK, The US and beyond, stressing the support for truth-seeking outlets and informed discussions. She concludes by emphasizing the power of individuals in making a positive impact, whether through starting a podcast or engaging in meaningful conversations. Anna McGovern is a Broadcaster and Journalist, as seen on the Telegraph, Sky News Australia, TalkTV, GB News and a variety of other media outlets. Her specialist areas include traditional conservatism, politics, culture, and current affairs. Anna makes regular appearances on TV and radio networks discussing top news stories for stations including TalkTV and GB News. Connect with Anna and AW.Today... WEBSITE X/TWITTER Interview recorded 2.4.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA SHOP
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