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39 K Views - Published on 02 Oct, 2023
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⁣🌅⁣Philip Ridley of Weston Price: Unpacking the illegality of travel tests. The difference between 'law' and 'guidance'. Do you know what it is? ⁣https://www.westonaprice.org/#gsc.tab=0 ⁣🌅Dave Murphy aka Allegedly Dave: The Mortgage Fraud ⁣https://www.allegedlydave.com ⁣🌅Explorer Ash Dykes: Living on the Edge from Madagascar to China ⁣https://ashdykes.com ⁣🌅Therapist Lucinda Lidstone: The Psychology of Money ⁣https://www.ascwellbeingclinic.co.uk/1child-2/ ⁣🌅Tupac Arrest The Murder of Elianna Andam Riser Chat & MUCH MORE! Come & join us.
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Ellekay20 Avatar
Ellekay20 - 6 months ago
Good morning 🫶🏻

 Rememberwhoyouare Avatar
Rememberwhoyouare - 6 months ago
Comments are not showing up, for me?

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 6 months ago
By the way , White Nanny Black Child can be viewed on Channel 5 on Tuesday at 10pm. Thanks for the great show this morning Sonia & Shaun & guests. Missed the end of Lucinda had to go to work.

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 6 months ago
Incredible guests today. I especially enjoyed what Allegedly Dave had to tell us about the financial system (or pyramid scheme). Thanks Sonia+Sean :)

 Nik Bulelis Avatar
Nik Bulelis - 6 months ago
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