Covid Vax is a massive mistake, deaths - Professor Luc Montagnier Nobel Laureate

2 K Views - Published on 20 May, 2021
⁣Covid Vax is a massive mistake, deaths , antibody dependent enhancement , thrombosis, etc- ⁣Professor Luc Montagnier

⁣⁣**********⁣ ⁣See Other Important Links Below ***** ⁣

>> The Ultimate Resource and Compilation of Facts to help you awaken your family and friends. Real medical experts tell the truth about Masks, Facts, True Numbers, Conflicts of Interest, Great Information all in one single place. Please share.
⁣⁣ All the facts in one place SM-102 is a listed ingredient of Moderna jabs
Vaccine creating Variants & Thromboses-
Spikes create cancers and abnormal fused cells - ⁣
⁣The dangers of face masks are very serious e.g *Bacterial Pneumonia* && ⁣incurable *Pulmonary Fibrosis*. Read these detailed papers and WARN your loved ones!! ⁣⁣ Second paper ⁣

⁣>> ⁣UK Eugenics movement tied to Oxford-Astrazenenca vax - ⁣
⁣>> China only locked down for 8 weeks in 2020 and only two cities!!! Why is Your Country Locked DOWN? ⁣
⁣>> Massive crowds at Rave Concert/Pool Party in Wuhan in August 2020.. no distancing, no masks! Don't be fooled by the Fake Epidemic!!

>> Doctors Petition to Stop COVID Vaccines - citing Infertility and ADE⁣

⁣>> ⁣Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful” ⁣⁣ ⁣

>> CDC Admits Virus has NOT been isolated ⁣

>> Portugal Judge blasts unreliability of false positives in PCR test ⁣⁣

>> Dr Micheal Yeadon, Former Chief Scientist of Pfizer says 2nd wave is based on False Positives!! Must read!!! ⁣

>> 81% of Trial Volunteers suffer reactions⁣.

>> Fauci himself published the paper that Adenovirus 5, the technology being used for most Covid vaccines, makes you vulnerable to HIV. Believe it!

>> Denmark citizens refuse law mandating forced vaccination

>> Understand the Great RESET is all about DEPOPULATION⁣

>> Slide 16 of FDA Document cites potential for Death and other serious effects of Covid Vaccine⁣

>> UK Pfizer COVID Insert - Infertility is mentioned ⁣

⁣>> Vaccinations are occuring through the Test Swabs stuck up your nose?? The technology is described here. ⁣


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