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The Government Thinks Your Child's Life is Worth £10

23 K Views - Published on 08 Sep, 2021
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In this video, international best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains why doctors are being bribed with an extra £10 per jab to give the potentially dangerous covid-19 injection to children - who around the world are being jabbed without parental consent. There are plans to jab children as young as three.
Note from VC: I have to turn off comments sometimes because of the trolls, the idiots from the 77th brigade and those who dont believe in viruses, infections or science. The science proves covid 19 is the rebranded flu. I wish those who disagree with this would just watch someone elses videos. Sadly they prefer to post abuse. I have received enough abuse for ten lifetimes so I dont need any more. Thank you to all those who have put on constructive and encouraging comments. I much appreciate your kindness and support.
Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman

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