ole, Freedom TV, June 11 2022

Dr. Ryan Cole | Freedom TV - June 11, 2022

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⁣We welcome Dr Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, serves clinicians throughout Idaho and the nation with expert pathology diagnoses and patient centred care.

Cole Diagnostics is a full service Anatomic and Clinical pathology laboratory with an extensive menu of testing capabilities, including molecular testing, microbiology, clinical laboratory blood testing, and cytology, in addition to outpatient surgical biopsies. He has helped perform and diagnose over 150,000 Covid tests during the pandemic and has diagnosed 500,000 patients in his career. He has spoken in the Senate and multiple state legislatures, as well as at numerous international conferences, sharing the science and truth about the pandemic.

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Dr. Ryan Cole | Freedom TV - June 11, 2022

Dr. Ryan Cole, Freedom TV, June 11 2022


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