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⁣News Review ▶Not a conspiracy: mRNA Food ▶Tiffany Dover is back. Or is she? ▶Journalist, broadcaster & Loose Woman Carol McGiffin - talking loud & saying something! ▶Therapist John Henden and the McKenzie technique approach to back pain ▶Health Reset & Q&A with Daniel Li Ox ⁣ ⁣▶Horse Racing: YOUR Views ⁣▶Increase: Sex attacks in hospitals ▶Our Live Chatters!
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Jmcm02 Avatar
Jmcm02 - 1 year ago
Morning Sonia. UK Greetings from John McMahon visiting 103 year old mom for birthday

 Lian Wymer Avatar
Lian Wymer - 1 year ago
Absolutely 👏💚

 JaydedUK Avatar
JaydedUK - 1 year ago
Just saw a great comment on YouTube which I think makes a great slogan for the truth movement " Instead of net zero carbon let’s aim for net zero councils and politicians!"

 Unasor Avatar
Unasor - 1 year ago
the tiffany dover nonsense is simple really ,she did die ,her family were paid hush money ,and now with this actor being pushed forward every time you google her name this is what will pop up first which eventually kills the truth going forward ,rewriting history happening in real time

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 1 year ago
Hi Sonia + Sean... Thanks for having Kerry back on. I share your outrage about the health system. It is the same situation here in Denmark; we pay very high taxes, which should ensure decent healthcare for everyone. But our nurses are underpaid, and they say work conditions are appalling, so we have seen a lot of nurses flee to Norway to work. Better work hours and pay. Also, more and more people who can afford it, use private hospitals and skip the waiting lists. The gap between rich and poor is just widening these years. PS: Sean never explained "FUBAR'ed" ─ F.U.B.A.R. means F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition. ;) See you Friday! ♥