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Dr. Abdel Hakim Awayan ~ A Sufi Khemetian Ancient Wisdom Keeper ~ Lecture

110 Views - Published on 15 Jul, 2020
⁣Abdel Hakim Awayan . Dr Abdel Hakim Awayan (Oxford University ) was a
Khemitologist and Sufi rote wisdom keeper. Here he gives a
comprehensive explanation of Khemetian history, better known in modern
times as Egypt . His chronology begins at 65k bce. The wildly popular
Pyramid Code series on Netflix , that was produced by Dr. Carmen Boulter
, was based almost entirely on the teachings of Abdel Hakim Awayan.
There are striking similarities to his teachings and what was learned from the Magical Egypt 2 series regarding the human endocrine system as well as the brain .

Sufi's are connected to the Persian Magi and the Magi are connected to
The Armenians and Central Asians (Tibetans). By this it's easy to see we
are all connected through Khemet/Egypt. It's not just black , it's not
just white. Caucus-Asians and Black Africans intersected and shared
Khemet togerher, in love and harmony for thousands of years.

"There true periods of individual and group soul development in the most
ancient times of the lands (known) as Egypt"-Edgar Evans Cayce
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The Toltec

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