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389 K Views - Published on 30 Oct, 2023
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Headlines: ⁣🌅Propaganda Wars: Israel & Palestine ⁣🌅Media Mess: Ex-PM Boris Johnson joins GB News ⁣🌅Privatised By Stealth: The NHS ⁣🌅Campaigner EMMA-JANE TAYLOR: Being vulnerable in public the Snapchat Cop responsible for 100s of child sex crimes ⁣🌅Psychoanalyst & Author DR BRUCE SCOTT - Covid Inquiry cover up & Menticide ⁣🌅Businesswoman Nici Burns - Rising like a phoenix from her own flames ⁣🌅Riser Chat & more, more, more!
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Sharon Gray Avatar
Sharon Gray - 6 months ago
Hi all

 Ellekay20 Avatar
Ellekay20 - 6 months ago
A bientôt - see you soon 🙏🏻💙

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 6 months ago
Thanks for another great show, guys :) I hope you return soon, and that Mo gets a good and well-deserved time out. I guess you two could use a break as well. :-) All the best, and see you soon!

 sjjftp20 Avatar
sjjftp20 - 6 months ago
Why can't you just do the news show on youtube/Rumble/Odysee or Bitchute if Mo needs a break?

 Clive de Carle Avatar
Clive de Carle - 6 months ago
3% hydrogen peroxide dropped in the air will clear Wax painlessly. A lot of bubbling will be heard.

 Clive de Carle Avatar
Clive de Carle - 6 months ago
If using 3% hydrogen peroxide to clear your ears of Wax, make sure it's the food grade hydrogen peroxide

 Elge Avatar
Elge - 6 months ago
evrything niki said is bang on especialy about a guided ayahuasca jerney... shout out to daapan my ayahuasca guid i went in too it feeling on top of the world in glastabury. and the jurney showed me so much beleeve it or not that helped me get throu 2020. if you want to change but dont know how it could be wat you looking for a chance to be with your inner self big up rise grate content again