#153?POTUS Isn’t in the Hospital▪️CGI Screen & PreRecorded!??”Never Forget”

#153?POTUS Isn’t in the Hospital▪️CGI Screen & PreRecorded!?”Never Forget”

264 Views - Published on 04 Oct, 2020
⁣ ⁣https://youtu.be/dZG5URlRdYg

🔴StormyPatriotJoe NAILED THIS! Nice job Stormy! 👊🏼
🔴10/02/20: POTUS in same clothes as 7/11/20 visit to #WalterReed!
🔴Same pin in the Same place
🟢Add in CGI screen with George Washington & the Boston Tea Party behind him his video words “NEVER FORGET” which #4759 also says including “....THOSE IN THE BACKGROUND”😳

🎥POTUS CGI Video: https://youtu.be/pDzyCFv83nw

🎥POTUS 7/11/20: Walter Reed hospital visit, same clothes as above (CGI video)
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Paul Scotland

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