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Sonia Elijah interviews Dr Pierre Kory, ICU doctor and president of FLCCC

4 K Views - Published on 18 Nov, 2021
⁣Dr Kory exposes the shocking acts of censorship perpetrated by well-known scientific journals, characterised by the sudden removal of peer reviewed published papers showing statistically significant results for ivermectin as an effective early Covid-19 treatment and prophylaxis. He speaks about the "ludicrous" Covid vaccine mandates and the alarming capture of the journals where "only the scientific papers that get published are those that further the narrative."

This interview is Part 2 of Sonia Elijah's investigative series: Are the scientific journals censoring the Science? published in Trial Site News.

Read the investigative reports here:
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Part 2
Sonia Elijah

Sonia Elijah

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