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Live Chat with Paul; -115- Tyler on BS Cover Ups + Thirdphase pushing Helis,Jets,Props + Art as UFOs

142 Views - Published on 26 Feb, 2023
⁣#UAP #UAPS #offworldcraft #alien #aliens #fraudchannels #UFOLOGY #AfieldofLies #misinformation #disinformation Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps) (0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted! (rough time locations) [00:00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show [00:01:00] (1b) Coming Up! Tyler of Secureteam claiming cover up on the balloons and the first one confirm as spy balloon is pure nonsense and thirdphase promoting JUNK as UFOs. Paul investigates the harder ones and confirms if aliens or man made craft! [00:02:00] (1c) Paul talks about Plexx missing and what hes been doing. [00:16:00] (2) Main Topic Begins - Secureteam10 latest video reviewed and shamed for disinfo and conspiracy talk with 0 facts and its misleading thumb and title making his people think its on UFO cover up on aliens! [00:27:00] (2b) Paul checks news posts for latest on Spy Balloon to compare it with Tylers script.. and NO! not confirmed as anything other then weather balloons and mundane stuff. [00:42:50] (2c) Paul looks at socialblade stats and again shows how you use the info to work out earnings from ADs, traffic is looks legit and more [01:00:00] (2d) Gabber joins on Voice [01:20:00] (2e) back to Tylers annoying droning video analyst [02:17:00] (3) Thirdphaseofmoon promote a video but have cropped it and played with the brightness and colors as Paul has the original source of a guy on twitter. Paul compares both and shows his analysis which pins what the light ORB is from Mexico or is it south America? 2 locations claimed again! [02:30:00] (3b) TPOM make silly claims and moves on to a new video that Paul wil come back too and solve it. [02:34:00] (3c) Resume ORB analysis. [02:37:00] (3d) Paul looks up how Iris Aperture work in smartphones is it same as camera or a mix of electronic shading. [02:59:20] (3e) Paul shows his frames analysis showing part of the craft and audio enhancement that proves what they are filming and MUST OF KNOWN! [03:10:00] (4) Rob Farmers requested video for analysis Paul breaks it down from Preston UK 20 Feb 2023. [03:39:00] (5) Twitter rules on images and private info vs public as UCR got banned for 2 weeks using a image from twitter profile of someone. [03:49:50] (6) Now Paul breaks down thirdphase latest BS videos on UFOs like the sea BUOY, Art and plane tic tacs. [03:52:00] (7) But first go back to the UFO over beach video .. Paul proves what it is using filters. [04:04:00] (8) back to the washed up BUOY on Japans beach (YAWN!) [04:17:00] (9) Art mimicking UFOs? Paul thinks it could be 2 halves of a milk silo to explain what he initially thought. [04:31:00] (10) Paul could not pin this one as LIZ low info zone no info on location time and date.. but thinks it could be most likely a top of a underground water tank.. but cant rule out museum UFO prop until more info comes in! [04:44:00] (11) Paul thinks Drone as audio sounds like one not Bird or Alien UFO! [04:54:00] (12) Paul and Mick West say this one is out of focus of a small plane like Learjet [05:06:00] (13) Look at 18wheels blue flash . Paul says its over the hill side and looks like transformer explosion.. Paul looks for matches of Lightning and sub stations on fire. Paul warps up for the night.... cheers Paul. Thanks for watching, Liking, and commenting on video it really helps.. and join our serious UFO research group on Discord social text chat and optional voice group see join link in the about tab or banner bar and here as well, (https://discordapp.com/invite/D3s3SPr) A new How-To Tutorial on Discord and Group layout is now HERE! (https://youtu.be/LmOPdnOQ7Xs) cheers Paul. All Links can be found here to socials and beyond! https://linktr.ee/totclinks our website is listed there theouttherechannel.wordpress.com *** If you want to support my work with a donation as low as $1 a month then thanks very much *** Find all ways to donate here including monthly options That do NOT take 30 percent of the donation like google does! https://theouttherechannel.wordpress.com Purchase my Tshirt Designs and Other Merc Here ( I Earn from $3 to $5 per Item which goes towards production costs) https://shop.spreadshirt.com/TheOutThereChannel/ Thanks to the Following Paul S. (Music) Free Music Archive (creative commons music) Lobo_Loco_-_01_-_Technomagus_City_ID_501.mp3 sometimes other tunes or a mix of 2 Elvis_Herod_-_07_-_Eggs_Toast_Gas_Fish.mp3 Marc_Burt_-_04_-_Elements_Psychadelik_Pedestrian_chillout_edit. ALL footage FAIR USE
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TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner - 1 year ago
#UFO #UFOs #Aliens #ufosightings #QuestionEverything #outtherechannel #ufotwitter UFO Chat w/Paul & Gabber 115, Paul breaks down many UFO vids skims the BS claims yet again from Secureteam10 and Thirdphaseofmoon - Noise makers and conspiracy dreaming https://youtu.be/HsosLvSbMJM