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Rob Roos MEP - Dutch Courage: A Maverick's Path in European Politics

1 K Views - Published on 17 Jun, 2024
⁣Rob Roos, a Dutch politician and member of the European Parliament joins Hearts of Oak to discuss his non-traditional journey into politics and his focus of representing the people over personal gain. He advocates for free speech, energy security, and national sovereignty while addressing issues like immigration and digital identity. Rob highlights the complexity of politics, emphasizing compromise and unity among diverse political groups. He stresses the importance of collaboration to tackle challenges like immigration and the changing European political landscape. Rob also shares his views on international relations, promoting peaceful resolutions and maintaining dialogue. As we look ahead, Rob remains dedicated to serving his country and advocating for critical issues, cementing his position as a notable voice in European politics. Rob Roos has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2 July 2019. Until December 2020 this was on behalf of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) and then until August 2023 on behalf of JA21. Mr Roos was a member of the Provincial Council of South Holland for several months in 2019 and chairman of the political group until July 2019. He is an entrepreneur in the ICT sector and worked in business. He is Vice President of the group of European Conservatives and Reformists Connect with Rob... X/TWITTER WEBSITE INSTAGRAM Interview recorded 14.6.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... X/TWITTER WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA SHOP
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