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The Week According To . . . David Vance

314 Views - Published on 14 Jan, 2023
⁣David Vance returns to Hearts of Oak and we pick through his newly restored Twitter account to see some of the stories and articles that have stood out or made his blood pressure rise this week including... - Ukrainian refugee returned home to Kyiv for medical treatment because of the record waiting times with Sturgeon's Scottish NHS. - Northern Ireland: Starmer urges Sunak to use Good Friday Agreement to solve Brexit crisis. - Cardiologist breaks the internet as he says a likely contributory factor to excess cardiovascular deaths is the covid mRNA vaccine. - Super-fit Missouri dad, 35, suffers three strokes after 'turning his head too quickly'. - Andrew Brigden MP comments on Covid vaccines and the holocaust taken out of context? - VAERS data for children analysed. Was the use of a novel untested gene therapy drug justified? - The BBC (British Biased Caliphate) allows Shamima Begum to give 'her full account of what really happened' when she joined ISIS in a 10-part podcast. - Unelected gnome Rishi Sunak has concerns about the impact of gender reforms. - Latest from Clown World: Two biological males make the semi-finals for Miss Germany 2023. - Steve Baker MP goes full cuck as he virtue-signals his New Years resolutions. - 5,000 Swiss troops to provide security at the WEF Davos Forum as Klaus and his chums plot how to make you own nothing and be happy. - Unelected and vertically challenged PM Rishi Sunak is facing a major backbench rebellion over the government's plans to prevent harmful material on the internet. Pureblood David Vance will not submit, and he will not comply. He used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! In the battle for truth and liberty, David chooses the front line, he has been writing and talking politics for a long time and is a published author, political commentator and podcaster extraordinaire! If the Covid 19 plandemic taught him one lesson it is that critical reasoning and a healthy contempt for the mainstream media are desirable armoury in the fight against tyranny. Follow and support David on the following links. Website: GETTR: Twitter: TikTok: Locals: BrandNewTube: Podcast: Originally broadcast as a live news review 14.1.23 Audio Podcast version available at Podbean and all major podcast directories... To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video and livestream platforms... Please like, subscribe and share! Links to stories and articles in this episode..... Ukrainian refugee Northern Ireland Cardiologist Super-fit dad Ashton Kutcher Andrew Bridgen VAERS BBC Shamima Gender reforms Miss Germany Steve Baker MP WEF Davos Forum Hate Speech Legislation Harry Trans
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