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⁣Dr Naomi Wolf - Enhancing Health Through Nutrition: Strengthening Your Immune System

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'Cooking with Naomi' is probably not something that Dr Wolf had on her list of things to do, but it fits perfectly into the widespread concern of health and food. Naomi Wolf joins us once again to discuss a series of videos she has been doing called 'Liberty Lifestyle' that highlight natural remedies that are not fashionable for many of us in the West but are essential ingredients in many parts of the world and have been used for centuries. We have been sold a lie that Big Pharma are here to keep us well, and healthy eating seems to be a thing of the past so Naomi gives us a little history behind it and shows how this is a massive myth. We start by looking at why her recent episode on the benefits of Mustard Seed Oil was banned, why would a discussion about a healthy ingredient be so dangerous? Naomi tells us of the effectiveness of natural remedies like mustard seed oil and turmeric, how FDA regulations are impacting herbal remedies, and of the holistic benefits of alternative treatments for cancer. This episode advocates for informed consent, challenges mainstream medical interventions and empowers individuals to explore alternative health solutions. Share this with your friends, even your liberal ones.... Because this topic effects us all. Dr. Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of, a successful civic tech company. Since the publication of her landmark international bestseller, The Beauty Myth, which The New York Times called “one of the most important books of the 20th century," Dr Wolf’s other seven bestsellers have been translated worldwide. The End of America and Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, predicted the current crisis in authoritarianism and presented effective tools for citizens to promote civic engagement. Dr Wolf trains thought leaders of tomorrow, teaching public presentation to Rhodes Scholars and co-leading a Stony Brook University that gave professors skills to become public intellectuals. She was a Rhodes scholar herself, and was an advisor to the Clinton re-election campaign and to Vice President Al Gore. Dr Wolf has written for every major news outlet in the US and many globally; she had four opinion columns, including in The Guardian and the Sunday Times of London. She lives with her husband, veteran and private detective Brian, in the Hudson Valley. Interview recorded 2.4.24 Connect with Dr Wolf and Daily Clout... Website X VIDEOS BOOKS Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA SHOP
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