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Spiritual Activism

194 Views - Published on 28 Nov, 2021
⁣After doing a recent poll it appears the majority of you reading the open1 Telegram channel have been awake 10 years.
With that amount of experience in alternative topics I can safely put across ideas and concepts that I would consider a little more advanced/fringe.

See what you make of my take on spiritual activism.

Activism is a crucial part of the battle and it’s incredible to see all of the millions of awakened beings in the UK taking action to fight for freedom.

I believe what can also assist us in winning this battle is utilising all tools in our tool box, spiritual activism is another way we can fight, our enemies know the reality creation abilities of our minds, we would be foolish to not know and utilize the power ourselves.

In a nutshell, self work can help our activist cause.

Hold the vibe!

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