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⁣The Week According To . . . Caroline Farrow

1 K Views - Published on 09 Sep, 2023
Welcome to our weekend edition of free speech and straight talking as Caroline Farrow is back for an hour of news driven chat and discussion, giving her unbridled opinions on some of the top stories bouncing around this week on the web, in the tabloids and what has caught her eye on social media. In the cross-hairs this episode...... - Extraordinary case of a young woman suffering from Charlie Gard condition who is battling medics' attempts to 'condemn her to death'. - PETITION: ‘Let Me Live’ – stop hospital withdrawing treatment: - Graham Linehan has been stopped from speaking at the Tory Party Conference by The Police because he stands up for women. - Gender neutral school uniforms are not neutral at all. - Woke police are damaging public trust: Home Secretary orders investigation into officers ‘pandering to politically correct causes’. - 'Hate Speech’ laws threaten fundamental rights. - Paedophile changes gender and avoids prison. - AB 957: California has gone full-blown loco! They’ve passed a bill that could snatch your kids right out of your hands if you don’t bow down to their gender-transition agenda. - Why the Online Safety Bill remains a huge threat to London life. - Energy bill authorises “Reasonable Force” to install smart meters that allow authorities to turn customers’ energy on and off. - Lolz: 510 ULEZ camera related crimes in just five months says Met Police. In 2010, frustrated by many of the media headlines and negative coverage of Catholicism, Caroline began a blog in defence of Catholic teaching and to reflect on UK current affairs and world events through the lens of a Catholic woman. What began as nothing more than personal musings designed to explain and propose controversial ethics and life issues to those who had struggled with them, or to de-bunk misleading narratives and headlines, soon mushroomed and popular posts would receive more than 30,000 unique visitors a day. Between 2011 and 2017, she was a member of the organisation Catholic Voices, set up to promote the defence of Catholic teaching in the public square and made numerous media interventions on their behalf and quickly became the 'go to' voice for media organisations looking to represent a female conservative Catholic point of view. Since 2013 Caroline has writes a weekly column for the Catholic Universe and has written for and featured in a number of other publications such as the Catholic Herald, the National Catholic Register, the Conservative Woman, Mercatornet, Crisis Magazine, LifeSiteNews and Church Militant. She used to write on Catholic culture at the now defunct Spectator Arts blog and has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Observer and the New Statesman. In 2013, Caroline was included as part of the first cohort of the BBC's '100 women' and she regularly features on BBC News, Sky News, ITV's Good Morning Britain, BBC Sunday Morning Live, the Big Questions and has made multiple appearances on Radio 4's flagship Today programme, Woman's Hour, the Moral Maze and the Sunday programme as well as featuring in one-off documentaries. Caroline is currently the campaign director at CitizenGO, has 5 children of school-age, four girls and one boy and is married to a Catholic priest who converted from Anglicanism, a few years after they were married. Follow and support Caroline at the following links... GETTR: Twitter: Website: CitizenGo: Originally broadcast live 9.9.23 Audio Podcast version available on Podbean and all major podcast directories. ⁣ To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video, livestreaming platforms and more
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