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Sean Ward 'Higher Ground' C4 documentary ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_qDyPqN7p8 Kerry Murray - Journalist, United Free Press. ⁣https://www.unitedfreepress.org - 'This Morning' scandal - and why it matters - BBC Verify - who is checking BBC fact checkers? Ada Akpala - Commentator, writer, found 'Different Voices' ⁣https://differentvoice.uk - 'Mizzy' - the wider implications of an 'internet menace' Emma-Jane Taylor - Survivor, Advocate, Charity CEO ⁣https://www.project9010.com - Rolf Harris Death - Musician's using child abuse as marketing - Govt response to Child Abuse Inquiry Andrew Lownie - Author, Historian ⁣⁣http://www.andrewlownie.co.uk Why is the Royal Family so intent on erasing their history from records? Why all the secrecy? Philly J Lay - Natural Wellness Guide ⁣https://phillyjlay.com A meditation for missing children PLUS Our live chat, your news and views & getting this week started right!
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 DTB63 Avatar
DTB63 - 4 months ago
Hi Sonia/Sean I am not a regular watcher but I have missed your show soooo much!! Its like seeing like minded friends with amazing guests & topics! Just love your guest Ada… had such a lovely vibe!! Keep up the fantastic work! Literally love you both 😊🙏🏻❤️ Katie B. Xxxx

 shin Avatar
shin - 4 months ago
oh and i was up sooo early this morning... thinking if only rise was on... why didn't i check! welcome back fam!!!

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 4 months ago
Welcome back! I think Kerry is right: On a BBC "fact checking show" they will cherry pick which stories to bring to light, and label them crazy conspiracy theories. They will probably pick the most outrageous theories and then put ALL theories in that same Conspiracy basket. The MSM have also groomed the public well here...through not just news but also reality tv shows and drama series, so that if you question ANYTHING you are a Tinfoil Hat.

 michelle kenny Avatar
michelle kenny - 4 months ago
how can you say charles will be a good king, its laughable, hes pushing climate change bullshit which is tied into 15 minute cities, he fully supported the convid lockdowns , theres hundreds of other trecherous things he's done, jimmy savilles best friend , the queen handed brussels englands soverneigty with the lisbon treaty, how can you be so deluded to support them Andrew lol?

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 4 months ago
Lol Sean maybe I should go back to work in the film industry….I might get some paid work if it’s so great for people who look like me 😂 oh how things must’ve changed really?

 Ivywild Avatar
Ivywild - 4 months ago
Wow.....I've missed this.

 Cavemantrog Avatar
Cavemantrog - 4 months ago
Hahahahahaha the BBC fact checking? Hahahahahahahaha sort your head out when does this phenomena take place?.

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 3 months ago
Glad this show is back. Is John Hendon still going to make an appearance? And where’s Iain Muir?