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Christina Bobb - Trump 2024: The Battle for Election Integrity and Media Freedom

1 K Views - Published on 13 Jun, 2024
⁣Christina Bobb joins Hearts of Oak to discuss her military background, transition to media and involvement in the RNC's campaign for election integrity. We kick off with some exploration into her book "Stealing Your Vote" for insights into the 2020 election and Christina shares challenges she faced at OAN for calling out failings in the 2020 election while emphasizing the importance of election integrity. The conversation covers alternative media platforms, social media influencers, and the impact of platforms like Twitter under Elon Musk in countering censorship. Christina reflects on the Trump campaign's fundraising success, his connection with the audience, and addressing key issues. We conclude with a focus on upcoming elections, serving the American people, and restoring power to citizens. Christina Bobb is an investigative reporter, attorney, and former television show host and correspondent with One America News Network, where she reported almost exclusively on election integrity. Christina began her legal career in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a defense counsel representing marines and sailors in court-martial and administrative separation hearings. She served in multiple overseas tours including Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and Stuttgart, Germany. After her military service, Ms. Bobb transitioned to private practice at Higgs, Fletcher, & Mack LLP in San Diego, and then to Washington, DC, where she held executive level positions within the Department of Homeland Security. Christina currently serves as attorney for President Donald J. Trump at the Republican National Committee. Connect with Christine... X/TWITTER 'Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024' Available in hardback, audio-book and e-book Interview recorded 12.6.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... X/TWITTER WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA SHOP
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