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TruNews Headlines with Kerry Kinsey - September 28, 2020

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⁣Sep 28, 2020


TruNews Headlines with Kerry Kinsey - September 28, 2020
A former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says a "Second Wave" is being faked thanks to false-positive COVID tests, Dr. Fauci is not in favor of Florida lifting restrictions on restaurants, he says,"They are "asking for trouble," if these large congregations are done without masks, but the new CDC survivability rate is more than 99% for ages 0-69, and Dr. David Martin says; "The probability that there are positive tests is impossible because of the error rate of the tests,' but what about the collateral damage from these lockdowns? Actor James Woods tweets out video of a sad case of a elderly woman trying to talk to her loved one through a glass, and a Saudi Arabian child dies after a Covid test swabs breaks in his nose.



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